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Advertising Details



Optimize Your Advertising Dollars

O&P Tree Interactive Mobile App (OPTIMA) is the fastest growing mobile application in the O&P industry.  Whether you're an international corporation or a small business, OPTIMA wants to provide you with a quick and easy way to reach your target audience. 


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Advertising Benefits

Affordable Advertising

Save thousands advertising with OPTIMA when compared to other  O&P print advertising options.


Suppliers will be able to purchase exclusive rights to advertise on a specific HCPCS code to gain an upper-hand on their competition.

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Want to show off your PDAC approved products?  OPTIMA is the perfect platform to showcase those devices.

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Advertising Options

Detail Image

Image should correspond to HCPCS code.  A total of 5 images can be submitted per code.

Banner Image

Image appears on the bottom of the screen and cycles randomly on a timer.







Splash Page Image

Image appears randomly on a cycle.  Image will remain on screen until closed.

O&P Tree  Vs. Print Advertising


Advertisers will be given monthly campaign results which include statistics on:  Click-through rate, view rate, time spent on ad, downloads, and much more.

Faster Upload

Advertisers no longer have to wait for print publication--With O&P Tree, ads can be added to the app within 24 hours.

Broader Audience

O&P clinicians, patients, physicians, administrators and other health care professionals all use the app.  O&P Tree is free to download and can easily be downloaded on the Apple and Google Play Store.


Print advertising can cost thousands of dollars a month, while advertising with O&P Tree is faster, cheaper, and has a higher probability of repeat views.

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